This is a website based on the study of Knowledge Representation, a subject in both aritificial intelligence and cognitive science. In aritificial intelligence the primary endeavour, of Knowledge Representation, is to store knowledge so that programs can process it and achieve models of human intelligence. In the field of AI, problem solving can be simplified by the use of an appropriate knowledge representation.

The History Of Knowledge Representation – start here to learn about how Knowledge Representation began.

What is a Knowlege Representation? – explains the five roles that are used to define Knowledge Representation.

Computational Complexity Theory – investigates the problems related to the amount of resources required for the execution of efficient algorithms for specific computational problems.

Practical Reasoning – find out about a very complex and rapidly changing subject that is directed towards figuring out what to do.

Non-Monotonic Logic – informs you of the connection between artificial intelligence and itself.

Knowledge Representation and the Semantic Web – learn about the new exciting devlopment of the Web and how it involves Knowledge Representation.

Miscellaneous – look up terminology in the glossary, take our quiz to see how much you have learnt, look at the various articles, websites & books used to create this site, or find out how to contact the makers of this website.